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Our November trip to the USA...

On our November trip to the United States, we were fortunate enough to call in to the West Coast Customs facility on the outskirts of Los Angeles, it wasn't planned but since we were staying nearby I thought I'd call in.. It's smaller than you'd imagine from the telly but on arrival, there were all the recent car builds lined up outside. Recognise Will.i.ams  Corvette and DeLorean??

We got talking to some of the staff who invite us in for a tour of the facility. Now personally, after watching the programmes on the TV for the last 10-15 years, I've always been a bit sceptical of the finish of the cars that they turn out in such a short space of time, but I can tell you that it's AWESOME!! Flawless!!..
After chatting to the guys there for a while, we got talking about Tinting & Wrapping, and after I'd explained a bit about myself and how I'd built the largest professional network in the UK, they checked us out on the web (just to confirm what I told them !) and...... well to cut a long story short, they asked if I'd like to work with them at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.. Eeerrrrr let me think!! So have a look at the pics below and I can confirm, it was as cool as it looks...Apologies for the quality of the pictures they're all taken on my phone..

I was informed by Kenny that if I'm working with them I have to wear their shirts, but I still managed to get the odd sneaky pic in

This is the World Famous car wrapper Paul Henderson who does all West Coast Customs wraps. He's done all the famous celebrities cars and trucks and to work with him was an fantastic experience. And yes, he is as mad in real life as he is on telly.

Here is one of his creations for a Hollywood A lister actor..

I helped wrap a couple of the West Coast Customs Chryslers, one of which was being given away on the last day of the show so as always we were working under the pressure of time.. and a late night ensued..

They were also filming for the TV show all the time I was there, so West Coast Customs featuring Ultimate Tinting coming to a screen near you anytime soon...Joking

Even got to watch the interior specialist "Ish" at work, and again, given the time constraints these guys are working to, the quality of the work was amazing

Just as I was about to leave the show on the third day they asked if was possible to tint the mirror wrapped Lamborghini., "of course" says I.  What a job that was, all around the edge of the glass was a bevel, Tricky with a capital T

There were celebrities stopping off on the stand all the time, 4 times out of 5 I hadn't a clue who they were but these 2 are my favourites: The world famous "Chip Foose" 

And my hero "Waynne Carini", the car dealer from Chasing Classic Cars..

And finally I managed to get a photo of myself in my own corporate gear with Ryan, but he wouldn't wear our shirts LOL!

If anyone is planning a visit to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas next year, please do let me know as I'll meet you there because I'm definitely going again... To see more of the show this time and not work .... 

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