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Group Training...

Because of our partnering with Llumar Window Films ,we are now, at last, able to offer you a choice, of our renowned, GUARANTEED 1-2-1 courses, OR,  a ½ price, group training course. For years people have asked us, can we do a cheaper course, even if it is in a group, they don't mind, they just want to do OUR training. This is very flattering but I just wasn't prepared to alter our ethos of do it properly or don't do it at all. Now we've reached a point that we had to open a dedicated training centre, purely to cater for group trainings. BUT, we are still limiting these courses to a maximum of 4 students, and a minimum of 2. This is because 4 is the maximum number we feel that can be taught effectively.

So, why haven't we offered group training before:

1: We haven't had the space

Now we have, at our ALL NEW dedicated training centre in Chester, minutes from the end of the M56 motorway

2: We're the ORIGINAL training company to offer fully residential courses, and our local B&B couldn't cope with more than 2.

Our new training centre is just a stones throw from a recently renovated Days Hotel which will be where your accommodation is, but unfortunately this is NOT included in your course fee, but we will give you the hotels details and you will get our discounted rate .

3: We didn't like the idea of teaming you up with a complete stranger.

We've overcome this by giving you your own individual training bay. This is completely unique in our industry as no one else has a big enough training environment to do this, or the funds to invest into setting it up. The benefit is that you can work at your own pace and not be hindered by others, slower than you. I've spoken to many tinters, taught previously in a “group” environment, and this was their biggest problem. Paul was previously taught another company but we now supply him his window film, chatting to him one day about his group training and he explained that he as taught in a very cramped environment and teamed up with “a complete idiot”. He complained at the time, but nothing was done, BECAUSE NOTHING COULD BE DONE.

“As you can see we now have the space and work stations for each individual trainee”

And 4: Honestly, I haven't really felt the need to.

We've been turning people away for years, sometimes 2-3 A DAY, yes really. Now, these people still need to be taught by someone and a few of my previous trainees have seen an opportunity to set up training courses, so to be brutally honest, we were losing out.

So, give us a call and lets see how we can help you...

When you ring us, it's myself or John who you'll speak to, we're the people who'll be doing your training, we WILL answer all your questions, the buck stops with us. We don't hide behind websites or secretaries, we don't have weekends off, you can get hold of us  7 days a week pretty much. You'll have our personal mobile numbers, mines all over this site. We've nothing to hide, we've been doing these courses for over 10 years now, we've built the largest tinting network in the UK, one of the biggest in Europe, we know what we're doing, we're not playing at this, this is what we do...

" Here's a some pics of recent group courses. You might be lucky and there's only 1 other person with you.
But there must be 2 attendees for it to be viable for us to run these courses”

Check the News section to see when our next group course is, we usually run them the 3rd week of the month...

We generally only do 1 group course a month, but if there is demand, we can do more. Please check the dates below for spaces on our Llumar group tinting courses. We require a minimum of 2 but limit the amount of trainees to 4... Full payment is due when booking the course, you will then be sent a full itinerary and details of local accommodation.. For more details and to enquire about dates, don't hesitate to give me a call...

October 18th – 20th  2 spaces available
October 27th – 29th   1 space available
November 15th – 17th 4 spaces available
December 13th – 15th   4 spaces available

Ready to get involved? Then  CALL NOW on 07919 891 011

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